SkyActive Technology

What is SKYACTIV technology?

We wanted to create a car with an uncompromising combination of fuel economy and dynamics and our idea was embodied in the SKYACTIV technology. Our cars are dynamic and powerful. They demonstrate the highest degree of compression, the lowest level of fuel consumption and emissions without compromising driving performance.

New gearbox and lightweight body structure also means that our cars isn't only manageable as sports cars, but also comfortable as a first-class sedans. And it's all thanks to the new advanced technology SKYACTIV.

SKYACTIV technologies - the future has already arrived

Watch the video and find out about the new approach to car design.
On the right side of the i-ELOOP system tools panel shows the quantity of energy stored during the braking and the level of generator power. This model was the first in modern lineup of Mazda uses the i-ELOOP system, which was invented for productive energy supply.
All car devices are powered by the energy generated during braking. This system helps to save fuel effectively, part of which (about 10%) is usually spent on the work of the multimedia system, climate control and other devices. Its uniqueness is due to its speed. Once the kinetic energy from braking is converted into electrical, the system distributes necessary amount of energy to the on-board devices. At the same time car's engine doesn't get additional power, which allows to enjoy a dynamic, economical and environmentally friendly driving.

System i-STOP

Enjoy driving new standards in variable conditions of the city.
The perfect companion of i-ELOOP is i-STOP system. Traditional turn-off systems at idle speed restarts vehicle engine in the same method as they usually turn-on it.
Due to the use of technologies for direct fuel injection and the piston position optimization the Mazda i-STOP unique system allows drivers to restart the engine instantly and significantly reduces fuel consumption.

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