The unity of car and driver

Mazda driving is like horse riding, like an invisible communication between horse and rider. We have reached such harmony, when each instruction of driver car performs immediately. The control interface is always available, thanks to which you can configure the communication and navigation management without distracting. This is one of the most important components of a modern high-tech security.
We are confident that technology should facilitate the car control but not distract driver.
Connection, calm and easiness- these are parts of  Mazda's information and entertainment system. For more information about its features and options go to Support page. The secrets of settings and practical advices will make acquaintance with the system easy and help to use its functions.
Get the great pleasure using Mazda's navigation system. Company guarantees 3-year free updating of map and program. Click here to sign up and upgrade the system in real-time  .

Be in the focus

We know how important for drivers that the control system were located conveniently. At the same time we understand that we need to secure the comfort of passengers. Therefore, the new Mazda interior is divided into two zones. The first zone is designed for safe and confident driving. The second zone provides security, space and comfort for passengers.

Be confident

The secret of confident driving at all speeds and roads is ability to instantly assess the situation. New Head-up display shows the current speed information, route and control systems. The data is displayed on the tools panel, on a transparent screen, which is situated in sight and allows to read information without taking his eyes off the road.

Be in touch

The new 7-inch color screen displays the route, available music, new SMS- messages. 3 control systems (touch screen, voice recognition and a central controller HMI-Commander) guarantee the availability of information. The screen is placed in the centre and its viewing angle is 16°. That is why it doesn't distract the driver and at the same time it is easy to use for both the driver and the passenger.

Be at the height

Better control of the vehicle is the one which is intuitively understandable. The new Mazda HMI-Commander regulator is located in the center of console and easy to use. It is convenient to hold. Our intelligent voice control system allows you to change the radio station, a route or search for phone numbers in your address book, without lifting a finger.

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