Mazda Shinari: car concept

The Shinari concept is the first car made with the new design of Mazda - «Kodo» or "Soul of motion". Kodo is a new design philosophy that aims to capture the moment of the movement beginning.
Shinari design embodies the look of human or animal body which is gradually moves to perform first movement or acceleration, expressing the power of harmonious movements of the flexible body, but at the same time full of inner tension.
Shinari is a design concept of four-door sports coupe with four seats. Its notable features is the new grille with integrated light pipes, which emphasizes five-pointed radiator, full "voltage" surfaces that exude a sense of dynamics.

Mazda Minagi: car concept

Minagi crossover concept proclaims emergence of a new SKYACTIV technology and Mazda "KODO - Soul of Motion" new design concept. The dynamic, flowing lines and bold character of Minagi make this model the embodiment of a new era of Mazda.
The new revolutionary SKYACTIV technology, being the basis of the Minagi DNA, thought out to the smallest detail and creates a harmonious blend of driving pleasure, environmental and safety.
Talking about appearance, distinguishing design of concept Minagi, KODO, and causes a feeling of power, energy, vitality and distinguishing it from other cars. Combining all parts into a whole it obtained unrivaled concept.

Takeri: car concept

Mazda TAKERI is a concept of Mazda 4-door sedan next generation, which world stage debut was held in 2011 at the one of the Tokyo auto salons. In this concept are used Mazda design latest advances (the concept of "KODO - Soul of Motion") and all elements of a SKYACTIV revolutionary technology that increases the efficiency of the car without hybrid technologies. The "TAKERI" name appeared from the "virile" Japanese words.
TAKERI is the successor of the 4-door sports coupe traditions embodied in the Mazda SHINARI concept which combine speed, driving pleasure and great design of a sedan. Based on the Mazda SHINARI Mazda TAKERI fully reflects the concept of a mid-sized sedan with an incredible balance of functional and energetic feeling of power.

Mazda Hazumi: car concept

Any car must have uncompromising passion. Energy, which every driver would like to control. Here is how HAZUMI concept presented to You. The "KODO - Soul of Motion" concept of Mazda are fully reflected in the design, though not big, but truly in "giant" car.
The engineers and designers of Mazda are fully convinced that light cars can give more than it seems at first glance. And this new concept is proof of that. We tried to make this car most alive. The car possesses power and passion. It gives a great desire to conquer speed and new heights. The best characteristic is its name- HAZUMI, which means jump. Concept is a new impetus of compact cars development.
HAZUMI well prepared. It is a first light car with SKYACTIV technology. Its advantages are obvious: concept gained an unsurpassed dynamic characterization being super economy and ecologically. The powerful 1.5-liter Mazda SKYACTIV-D engine gives the concept agility and strength for the ride any distance. Moreover the car has got an innovative MZD Connect control system and a full set of advanced security features i-ACTIVSENSE.

Mazda RX Vision: car concept

Conceptual sports car with rotary engine presented at the International Motor Show in Tokyo in October 2015.
RX Vision sports car with its unique style of KODO design reflects the automotive future in terms of company Mazda. The most important feature of car is usage of SKYACTIV-R new-generation rotary engine. It fully reflects the company's slogan: "Don't retreat, don't give up."
Overcoming numerous technical obstacles, Mazda had commercial success in the rotary engine field from 1967. And being only company producing these engine, they continued to improve engine characteristics: increasing the power, minimizing fuel consumption and improving the reliability of the project. Today, rotary engines for Mazda rotary engines have become the symbol of company's creative approach and the ability to overcome any difficulty. That's why they included in the sports coupe RX Vision. The concept car perfectly reflects the company's commitment and determination to follow in defiance of stereotypes for developing of new technology.


Mazda Koeru: car concept

Conceptual crossover was presented at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in the autumn of 2015. Reflecting the power and strength the concept creates a new stereotypes in SUV segment.
Premium SUV of a new generation developed in accordance with the "KODO - Soul of Motion" design. The car is a great combination of coupe and crossover. Mazda Koeru construction gives the car great aerodynamic performance, while appearance with KODO style- high-speed stability. At the same time the use of SKYACTIV new technology becomes a guarantees of company-specific manageability and security. The designers have been able to achieve such results due to efficient power, hard body and chassis.


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